The Craftmanship Cabin tender 760 is a nautical merger between two popular type of ships. The front of a Dutch bakdekker (a bold, traditional cabin boat) and the back of an elegant tender. With this brief, Wijk Yacht Creation designed the Cabin Tender 760. There were 4 clear starting points. The boat should be electrically powered, aluminum build, and as sustainable as possible. But build without any compromises whatsoever. Only the best craftsmen using the finest materials hand-build these boats.


For the hull we chose aluminum because of its unique characteristics: light, firm and selfprotective. The deck is made from natural cork: non-skid, easy to clean and very limited maintenance. The battery pack is lithium: no maintenance, high nominal voltage, no memory effect and lightweight. For the antifouling we don’t use poisonous paint. We use Finsulate, a sustainable adhesive alternative. And because we don’t compromise, even the toilet is made from the finest porcelain.


Craftmanships are powered by Green Marine Motors. Both the engine as the battery pack are produced by this Dutch quality supplier. We work with them because they have the best package: high-performance combined with great reliability. We believe power not only gives joy, it also ensures safety. And to make sure joy and safety are excessively available, we install a 22 KW engine combined with a lavish battery pack of 800Ah. This pack, combined with solar panel, ensures a comfortable range of over 24 hours!

LENGTH:  7,6M  |  WIDTH:  2.5M

SPEED:  20KM/H  /  11 KNOTS  |   ENGINE:  22KW